Solar hybrid air conditioning

It pays to go green with Solakool

4 Great Reasons to ‘GO GREEN’ with Solakool

1. Reduce your electricity charges by up to 80%.

With Solakool’s patented and unique technology, compressor run time is reduced by replacing two functions of the compressor with the use of a solar thermal panel.

2. Solakool Heats and Cools Using Ozone Safe R290 Refrigerant.

Solakool Air Conditioners exclusively use R290 Refrigerant as opposed to harmful Hydro-Fluorocarbons like R410a, this also increases efficiency by a further 30%

3. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions into the Atmosphere.

by reducing the electricity required to be generated by coal fired power stations that produce 1.306tonnes of CO2 per MW of electricity generated**.

4. Solakool will pay for itself in as little as 2 Years*

With up to 80% reduction in Energy Usage, Solakool Split Systems will save you up to $1,504 per year** in Electricity running costs of a 7.2kW system

*Up to $1,504 savings are approximate and based on independent testing of a 7.2kW Solakool Split System versus a conventional AC compressor system, the savings will vary between models and in comparison to your current Air Conditioner.
**Comparison of Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Various Electricity Generation Sources. World Nuclear Association 19th June 2011.
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