Star Ratings

Solakool systems are listed on the Government Energy Star Rating Website and are registered under Solakool.

The extensive testing and product development has resulted in new designs incorporating:

  • “state of the art” new technology including new compressors made for R290 refrigerant
  • New solar panels that are integrated into the body of the condenser making it easier to install and more efficient
  • New ducted and multi-head systems incorporating chilled water circulation technology

SolaKool Solar Benefits

Depending on normal operating conditions savings of up to 80% may be achieved over a conventional system.

Normal Operating Conditions, are based on the following:

  • Outside temperature at 30˚C
  • SolaKool system set at 24˚C
  • At least 4 hours of daylight per day (direct sunlight not required, only daylight)

The SolaKool system operates for up to 15 hours over night after only 4 hours exposure to daylight.

Direct sunlight is NOT required.

Efficiencies are maintained even when temperatures are extreme.

Based on standard operating conditions, the carbon footprint may be reduced by up to 80% compared to a conventional system.

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